Warehouse Safety Products

Warehouse Safety Products to help you stay compliant

Warehouse Safety Products

If your warehouse has pallet racking systems and mechanical handling equipment in use, the risk of damage to one or more components of the racking system is inevitable.

Although pallets rack systems are designed for high performance and rigorous use if the rack system is overloaded beyond specification and rating, you can compromise its integrity and can become a safety factor for your employees. Besides, compromising the integrity of your rack can lead to injuries, death, or expensive repairs.

While, OSHA does not enforce weight capacities for your pallet racks if a pallet rack failure due to overloading or collision damage happens, and someone gets injured? OSHA will get involved, and you can face serious violations.

Another safety issue in the warehouse that goes unreported and undetected is forklift operators damaging the uprights and beams which also compromise the integrity of the pallet racks.

Accidents and injuries in the warehouse come with severe consequences but are preventable if you have a warehouse safety plan in place and are proactive to replace damaged pallet rack uprights and load beams frequently.

Practice warehouse safety at all times, and avoid the increase of workers compensation and insurance rates, violations and fines, and legal expenses.

Another way, you can help increase “warehouse safety awareness” is by providing employees with “warehouse safety training.”

Other ways you can increase warehouse safety is by installing rack protection equipment to avoid pallet rack upright damage, weight capacity labels to prevent overloading of the storage system, Flue Space labels to properly maintain your transverse flue space, pallet backstops to maintain proper longitudinal flue space and wire decking to avoid objects from falling through the racks.

Below are some warehouse safety products that are inexpensive, convenient, and practical. Flue Space Labels has partnered with various manufacturers in the material industry, that will help you stay compliant.

Not sure what your warehouse requires, or need guidance and advise? Give us a call. We will provide you with a complimentary warehouse audit, and help you reach your warehouse safety goals.