Flue Space Labels

Did you know that in Southern California, some fire department jurisdictions allow “FLUE SPACE LABELS/ FLUE LABELS” As an alternative to mechanical flue spacers?

Flue labels are a comparatively inexpensive alternative to other mechanical means of flue space enforcement. For a small fraction of the cost, your warehouse can be compliant within days.

Our High Gloss vibrant Red on OSHA yellow labels makes it safe and visible for forklift operators to place pallets outside of the flue space area.

Our labels will increase the safety and performance of your sprinkler system in case of a fire when used correctly in your warehouse.

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Why Do I need Flue Space Labels?

The purpose of Flue Space Labels is to meet fire code conformance within your jurisdiction. Depending on the size of your beam? Your label must meet compliance.

All of our flue labels come pre-cut to the exact code clearances for every situation in your warehouse. View Guideline

Contact us today to see if your building is within a jurisdiction that permits the use of Flue Labels.

Our staff will even petition the Authority having Jurisdiction on your behalf in areas where they have not yet adopted flue labels

Flue Space Labels or Flue Labels are needed in some jurisdictions

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Flue Space Labels - flue labels conformance for your warehouse

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Flue Labels or Flue space Labels in Southern California
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The proper way to install your flue space Labels

According to the (OCFA – Orange County Fire Authority High Piled Combustible Storage guidelines page 7 Item 10 – CFC 3208.3 – the requirement for the flue labels calls that: Transverse flue spaces between uprights need to be marked with a 3 or 6 inch yellow strip on the load beam with words in red that read, “Keep Clear,” .

Our labels are durable and come in two stock types; you can choose between regular paper stock and vinyl (BOPP) which will both satisfy the OCFA requirements.

Our Labels are OCFA, Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department and SBCFire approved.

Proper way to install the labels

Flue Space Labels - Flue Labels Warehouse compliance

The purpose of a flue label is to warn your workers that the 3″ or 6″ flue space must be respected to satisfy your local fire jurisdiction and to help your sprinkler system do its job in case of a fire.

We can custom print your labels to fit any size beams starting at 3 inches all way to 6 inches even if you have wire decks on your pallet racks or the safety pin on the step-beam.

Improper way to install the labels

Flue Labels Improper way to add flue labels to your rack