Flue Space Label Installations

Flue Space Label Installation

flue space label installation
flue space install

Whether you are labeling a functioning facility or planning your new distribution center, Flue Space Labels will guide you every step of the installation process.

Our knowledgeable team will work with you, and your High Pile Permit Engineer to assure that we understand your project requirements to ensure that it passes High Pile storage Permit Inspection the first time.

Based on our years of label production and installation, our teams can quickly and accurately locate and install the correct type of labels for each area of your warehouse.

If you do not have an “Approved High Pile Permit,” We can refer you to a qualified HPS engineer that will help you acquire one for your pallet storage system and commodity type.

Our 3 Step Process

When you hire our fast and knowledgeable team to install your Flue Space Labels, we provide our scissor lifts, and equipment needed to complete your installation within your timeline and budget.

  1. Send us a copy of your “Approved High Pile Permit” (digital copy if possible) for us to review.
  2. We will provide you with the correct labeling according to your approved High Pile Permit.
  3. When you’re ready to move forward, we will send you a custom quote for your installation.

Because every High Pile Storage Permit requirement is specific to your commodity classification the distance of your flue space labels will differ.

Send us a copy of your approved HPS Permit; we will review it and provide you with the proper way to install your flue labels.

We will interpret what your Flue Space Label requirements are and contact your HPS engineer if more information is required.

Our goal is to get your warehouse approved on the first visit by your Fire Department.

Installation tips for longer lasting labels

As with any decal; for your flue labels to have a longer life span the surface of your load-beams must be clean and free of dirt and oil.

A misconception that an installer might have is that, since the load beams are new they are free of dirt and oil.

While the paint on the load beams is fresh, some factors that you need to consider are dirt contamination during transportation or when staging outside a warehouse. 

Below are a few quick tips to ensure you get the best out of your labels.

For New Load Beams

  1. Clean the surface where you will be applying the label with denatured or isopropyl alcohol
  2. When installing the label, assure that air bubbles do not form under it. Always use at an angle and roll down.
  3. Use label squeegee to press on the label. to assure all air bubbles are pushed out

For Used Load Beams

Many used load beams have bar code labels and are probably dirty with oil, or dust collected over the years.

Assure that you clean the existing adhesive with denatured or isopropyl alcohol. Do not use Windex or Soap, since they leave a soapy residue.

  1. Clean surface of the load beam with denatured or isopropyl alcohol and assure all oil and adhesive is cleaned off.
  2. When installing the label, assure that bubbles don’t form underneath.
  3. Always apply at an angle and roll down by using a small squeegee to press on the label.

Proper way to install your Labels

According to the (OCFA – Orange County Fire Authority High Piled Combustible Storage guidelines page 7 Item 10 – CFC 3208.3 – the requirement for the flue labels calls that: Transverse flue spaces between uprights need to be marked with a 3 or 6 inch yellow strip on the load beam with words in red that read, “Keep Clear,” .

Our labels are durable and come in two stock types; you can choose between regular paper stock and vinyl (BOPP) which will both satisfy the OCFA requirements.

Our Labels are OCFARancho Cucamonga Fire Department and SBCFire approved.

Proper way to install your Labels

Proper Way to Install your Flue Space Labels

Flue Label installed as per Orange County Fire Authority “High Piled Combustible Storage Guidelines”.

The label should be “visible,” Flue Space Labels offers Red background with Yellow fonts Contrast labels for light colored step beams

Improper Way to install your labels

Flue Labels Improper way to add flue labels to your rack

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Label obstructed by Wire Deck.

Ambient, Cold Room, and Freezer Label Installation Services

When it comes to Flue Space Labels installation services, we have outnumbered our competition. With over 1 million labels sold and installed, we have learned a thing or two: and that; is that not all jobs are the same. Thus, the fire code regulations, label size, and colors remain the same, the type of adhesive used on the label is what makes the job make or break.