Why Do I need Flue Space?

As warehouses and storage commodities continue to grow, higher warehouses with higher-density sprinkler systems are needed. For example, in recent years, the average “clear height” in a warehouse was 18ft. to 24ft. compared to newer warehouses built today with ceiling heights of over 35ft to 40 ft. 

This evolution has pushed rack manufacturers to fabricate taller storage systems that will reach new heights and increase tenants’ throughput and increase cubic storage space in a warehouse.

Because of such evolution, adequate longitudinal and transverse flue space is required in a pallet rack system. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a warehouse with proper pallet rack flue space can help reduce losses due to fire and reduce the number of deaths.

Flue Space Labels - We install

How do Flue space labels help me in the warehouse? The taller your rack system, the harder it is to keep all of your flue spaces clear from obstructions. The purpose of the flue space label is to assure that you have a visual representation of the required area, depending on how many elevations your storage system may have.

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The proper way to install your flue space Labels

According to the (OCFA – Orange County Fire Authority High Piled Combustible Storage guidelines page 7 Item 10 – CFC 3208.3 – the requirements for the Flue Labels calls that: Transverse flue spaces between uprights need to be marked with a 3 inch or 6 inch yellow stripe on the load beam with words in red that read, “Keep Clear,” .

Our labels are durable and come in two stock types; you can choose between regular paper stock and vinyl (BOPP), which will both satisfy the OCFA requirements.

Our Labels are approved in all Counties and Cities in California and Nationwide. For samples, please contact us.

Proper way to install the labels

Flue Space Labels - Flue Labels Warehouse compliance

The purpose of a Flue Space Label is to warn your workers that the 3″ or 6″ flue space must be respected to satisfy your local fire jurisdiction and to help your sprinkler system do its job in case of a fire.

We can custom print your Flue Space Labels to fit any size beams starting at 3.5 inches all way to 6 inches even if you have wire decks on your pallet racks or the safety pin on the step-beam.

Improper way to install the labels

Flue Labels Improper way to add flue labels to your rack

The flue space label is obstructed by wire deck, making it hard for your warehouse operators and fire code enforcement officers to see the “Keep Clear” marking on the flue labels.

New Products offered by Flue Space Labels

Pallet Rack Max Load Signs

Flue Space -High Pile Storage Compliance Signage

Our 18″x26″ High-Resolution Pallet Rack Max Load signs comprise of .012″ Aluminum, printed with UV inks. They are lightweight and durable. The Pallet Rack Max Load signs come in English and Spanish.

Maximum Height Signs

warehouse-max-height-signage - Flue Labels Flue Space labels

Maximum storage signs come in aluminum or PVC. Send us your requirements, and we will provide you with a custom quote

Rack Weight Capacity Labels

Pallet Rack Weight Capacity Labels by Flue Space Labels

Maximum storage signs come in aluminum or PVC. Send us your requirements, and we will provide you with a custom quote

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