How do I know which Flue Space Label to use?

I have an upcoming project, how do I know which Flue Space Label to use?

When it comes to complying with High Pile Storage conformance, there seems to be a gray area as to what is required by most jurisdictions in Southern California and States that require flue Space labels.

If you research the web and read most High Piled Storage requirement manuals, they all state that you must have a "3-inch yellow Flue Space Label" with the red fonts that read "KEEP CLEAR" in the center.

While the Yellow Flue Label with Red fonts may work for most standard beam colors like; Orange, Blue, Red, green, and Black, that may not be the case if you have light color load beams such as yellow, white or light gray.

Flue Space Labels - Yellow Rack with Red Labels

Standard Flue Space Labels Color & sizes

Yellow Background with Red Fonts Flue Space Label How do I know which label to use?
Yellow Background with Red Fonts Flue Space Labels 3x3
Yellow Back Ground with Red Fonts Flue Space Labels 6x2

What to do in that case

In that case, an exception can be made, and rather than using the Yellow flue space label, you need to use the Red with Yellow fonts label must be used.

Alternative Flue Space Labels Color & sizes

Flue Space Labels - Red Background with Yellow Fonts for Yellow Racks
Red Background with Red Fonts Flue Space Labels
Red Background with Yellow Fonts Flue Space Labels

Since the enforcement of Flue Space Labels in Southern California, the "Red Background with Yellow Fonts" label has only been used twice. Their corresponding jurisdictions approved both instances. Please check with your local authority to use this alternative before labeling your pallet racking system

Pallet Rack Beam sizes & configurations

The purpose of the Flue Space Label is to provide a 3-inch or 6-inch transverse flue space in your pallet racks and to help your sprinkler system work correctly in case of a fire.

Some fire departments may require you to have wire decks, flue keepers, and pallet backstops to provide a well ventilated transverse and longitudinal flue space. Depending on which fire authority you are dealing with, your requirements may vary. Please check with your High Piled Storage Consultant for further explanation and your local fire code requirements.

Another issue you need to think of is, not all beam sizes are the same, so using the correct label height will help improve the longevity of your labels. Depending on the weight capacity of your products, storage systems may vary in load beam face sizes, the most common sizes are:


What are Flue Space Labels?

Flue Space Labels come in three sizes, the latest Fire Authority Code and your High Pile Storage specialist determine the size of the label.

The most commonly used flue space labels in the market are OSHA YELLOW with RED fonts, and the most used sizes are: 1.5"W x 3"H, 3"W x 3"H, and the 6"W x 2.5"H.

The purpose of a flue label is to provide a visual representation to your forklift operators and local fire department personnel that the transverse flue space requirements in your pallet racking system are free of obstructions by your product(s).

But more importantly, the primary purpose of flue space labels is to allow the fire sprinkler system in a warehouse to work correctly in case of a fire.

Flue Labels come in two stock types - 3 different sizes

What is a Flue Space Label? Flue Labels for warehouse conformance - Flue Labels
  • Standard Coated labels - our standard coated flue labels are for light and medium duty environments where minimal traffic and low moisture is present.
  • Suitable for Dry rooms, electronics parts, perishable goods or makeup distribution centers.
  • Vinyl (BOPP) stock labels - made of Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) are water, oil, and dirt resistant. Our heavy-duty flue space labels are suitable for high traffic areas where durability is needed.
  • BOPP flue labels are ideal for Dry rooms, Electronics parts, perishable goods, food distribution centers, cold-rooms, and beverage distribution centers.

1.5 Inch Flue Space Labels

Our 1.5-Inch Labels made of standard or vinyl stock, are designed to fit Pallet Rack Beams 3.5-Inch up to 6 Inch.

The flue space label can be used with or without wire decks.

3 Inch Flue Space Labels

Our 3 Inch, Labels, is the most commonly used and purchased label in the market. Made of standard or vinyl stock are designed to fix step beams 3.5-Inch to 6" face.

Flue space label can be used with or without wire decks.

6" Flue Space Label

Our 6-inch label is our secondary, commonly used flue label. The 6-Inch flue label comes in Standard Stock or Vinyl to meet the demands of your project. The flue Space Label fits Step beams with a 3.5 inch up to the 6-inch face.

flue space label can be used with or without wire decks.

Why Do I need Flue Space Labels?

As warehouses continue to evolve, the need for higher density sprinkler systems cannot be overemphasized. In recent years the average “clear height” in a warehouse can be as high as 32 feet, in comparison to older warehouses that only had a clear height of 24-28 feet.

This evolution has pushed rack manufacturers to fabricate taller storage systems that will not only reach new heights but also increase a tenants throughput and increase cubic storage space in a warehouse.

Because of such evolution, the need for adequate longitudinal and transverse flue space is needed in a storage rack system. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a warehouse with proper pallet rack flue space can help reduce losses due to fire as well as reduce the number of deaths.

How do Flue space labels help me in the warehouse?

The taller your rack system, the harder it is to keep all of your flue spaces clear from obstructions. The purpose of the flue space label is to assure that you have some visual representation of your flue space depending on how many elevations your storage system may have.

What is Flue Space?

Longitudinal Flue Space

What are flue labels

Is the space between rows of storage perpendicular to the direction of loading with a width not exceeding 24 inches between storage

Transverse Flue Space

Transverse Flue Space - Flue Space Labels - Flue Labels

Is the space between rows parallel to the direction of loading