Wire Decks for pallet racking systems

Wire Decks for Pallet Racks

Wire Decks for Pallet Racks and shelving

Are you planning on buying a new racking system or bringing your existing one up to current building codes? Want to be in compliance with local fire codes or just want to increase employee safety in your warehouse?

Our wire decks are designed to meet all your requirements such as load capacity, cleanliness, and strength. When wire mesh decks are properly used in a warehouse they can help increase lighting, therefore saving you money over the years.

Wire Mesh Decks come in two finishes; galvanized wire deckings for food and perishable goods and powder coated for standard products. You may also request them in a variety of colors to meet your branding and warehouse appeal.

“Wire Decking” are multipurpose because product sits on top of the wire deck allowing for continuous airflow through the pallets. Creating adequate airflow in your warehouse can increase your material handling equipment life span and prevent fires from happening. Our wire mesh decks  Can also be cut to size to fit any layout. they are affordable and lightweight.

Common Sizes

  • Wire mesh decking is versatile because it adds a clean and uniform grid pattern appearance.
  • Wire mesh decks substitute for pallet supports or any other type of support device
  • Wire mesh decks are an alternative to particleboard, plywood, and other wood supports. Flue Space Labels stocks various sizes of wire mesh decks in our warehouse and its ready to ship nationwide. take advantage of our quick ship program.
  • Allows for Fire Sprinkler penetration and promotes a clean warehouse by allowing dust to fall through the wire mesh decking.

What are your Wire Deck Requirements?

Nashville Wire Dealer Flue Space Labels

Wire Decks come in a variety of styles, below are the most commonly used

Standard U-Channel

Standard U channel Wire Deck

Flared Decking

Inverted Flared Decking

Flat Flushed Wire Decks

Inverted Channel Decking

Inverted Deck

Up-Turned Waterfall

Up Turned Water Fall

Inside Waterfall

Inside Water Fall

A major advantage that wire decking has over solid metal or wood deckings is that it allows more light to filter down to the lower levels, making it easier to read labels and tags on the pallet racks, which reduce picking and storing errors.

In addition, the openings in wire decking enable more effective sprinkler system access. In the event of a fire, this may help lessen damage to stored goods and reduce losses.

It’s important to get mesh wire decking that is strong enough to safely store the materials in your stock room. The wrong wire mesh decking may buckle or slip if it isn’t strong enough to support your goods.

This is a safety hazard as well as a potential loss of materials, so it is best to work with a company that fully understands the warehousing industry and takes the time to learn about the materials you need to store. At Flue Space Labels we only use Nashville Wire Decks