Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions. Please read through to answer your questions. We are currently updating our FAQ's feel free to visit us frequently.

We offer two types of striping mediums to meet your needs.

  • If you are leasing the building or cannot use line striping paint, we offer Heavy Duty Line Striping Tape. The Line striping paint comes in ten colors and three different sizes 2", 4", and 6". For a complete color guide, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
  • Cold Paint Striping - More a more durable striping solution, we offer Cold Paint Line Striping solutions.

Sizes available

  • 1.5" Width x 3" Height
  • 3" Width x 3" Height
  • 6" Width x 2.5" Height
FLue Space Labels Turnaround time for flue labels

Our turn around time varies depending on the number of labels you need for your project. We usually keep flue space labels in stock and ready to ship. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for the 3" x 3" and 6" x 2" labels, it is hard for us to keep our stocks full. But we try our best!

If we are short on flue space labels, or your project requires larger quantities? We will meet your demand with a quick turnaround production time.

Our Turnaround time refers solely to production time, Once production is complete it may take, one business day for orders to be packaged ship or delivered.

Note: Turnaround time starts from the time, the order is "approved". If a job has revised invoicing or quantities? it is placed on hold. If on hold, the turn around starts from the time approval is given and we have all of your paperwork signed.

Flue Space Labels Turnaround time for printing

As described by the OCFA (Orange County Fire Authority) and other jurisdictions in Southern California. Your High Pile Storage plan requirements, may call for a "VISIBLE" 3"x3" or 6"x2" Flue Space Label that reads "KEEP CLEAR." the flue label size may vary depending on your commodity and HPS requirements. In some cases, a 1.5"x3" flue space label is needed.

The standard color for flue space labels is "Yellow background with Red Font-type."

But! That is not always the case. While the "Yellow Background on Red Font-type" might look good on standard orange, blue, green, or dark custom painted load beams. The standard "Yellow Background labels might not work on "Yellow or White (custom painted) load beams.

In that case, we advise that you use "RED BACKGROUND WITH YELLOW FONT-TYPE" which is also acceptable by most Fire Authorities in Southern California.

flue space label installation

Yes! We can install your flue space labels, provided that you have an approved "High Pile Storage" permit. Your High Pile Permit dictates your flue space labels configuration and the number of flue space labels needed.

Upon reviewing your High PileStorage Permit, we will provide you with a customized, a quote to meet your deadline. Please allow ample time for your installation. While, in some cases, we may be able to install your flue space labels in one day? Keep in mind that the number of flue space labels dictates the time needed for your installation.

Yes! we made it affordable for all of our customers. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. Please contact us for a custom quote.

For our peace of mind and yours? Yes! We are insured and bonded. If your project requires us to show you a proof of insurance, please request a copy. Provide us with your project name and location, and we will provide you with proof of insurance.

We only provide you with proof of insurance if we are installing your labels. We do not provide you with proof of insurance if you are "ONLY" purchasing flue space labels from us.