Red Background on Yellow Fonts 3×3 labels
3″x3″ Red Background with Yellow Fonts Flue Space Labels
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3″ x 3″ Flue Space Label – Inverted

3″X3″ Warning Red with OSHA Yellow Large Typeface makes it easy for your warehouse workers to see in low light conditions. Our Flue Space Labels are designed to fit any 4-inch step beams with wire deck or with-out.  Our Labels can be used in ambient and cold room storage facility.

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3"x3" Flue Space Label

Our red background 3″x3″ Flue Space Labels with yellow fonts are an alternative to our standard yellow background Flue Labels.

The Red background with yellow fonts Flue Space Labels should only be used when your pallet racking systems consist of yellow or light-colored step beams.

Although, we offer these labels as an alternative, please check with your jurisdiction for approval. Some counties in Southern California, may not accept the Red Background Label. When you purchase your labels from us, we will speak directly with your city’s fire authority and get approval for you.

Our Flue Space Labels are easy to install. They come in a WARNING RED Background with Yellow Bold type-face, making them easy for your forklift operators to read. Flue Space Labels help keep your transverse flue spaces clear of obstructions, help your fire sprinkler system work correctly in case of a fire.

We print our labels on heavy-duty label stock for medium-duty jobs and vinyl for heavy-duty jobs where oil, water, and heavy forklift traffic is present.

High Gloss treated for long-lasting. 3″x3″ Flue Space Labels are suitable for step beam sizes; 4 inch with wire deck. We can also print labels that are 3″ width X 4″ height for use with step beams with no wire deck.

If your requirements are different, please contact us before ordering.

Our Warning Red Background with the Yellow “Keep Clear” Flue Space Labels are ideal for pallet rack step-beams in the following colors listed on this chart.

Ideal for Step Beams Colors

Flue Space Labels - pallet rack step beam colors-Inverted

Our Warning Red Background with the Yellow “Keep Clear” Flue Space Labels are ideal for pallet rack step-beams in the following colors listed on this chart.

Currently, in the market, the 3″x3″ Flue Space labels are the most sought out and commonly used in Southern California. Depending on your products classifications you may be required to use 1, 2, or 3 Flue Space Labels. If you don’t know what your Flue Space Labels requirements are? Give us a call, we will contact your High Pile Storage Consultant on your behalf and provide you with a drawing of where to place your labels.

Red Background - Yellow Flue Space Labels Inverted Chart
  • Durable Heavy Duty Stock
  • High Gloss / Fire retardant treated stock
  • Large Size Bold OSHA YELLOW Font for visibility
  • Rounded Corners
  • Notched on top and Bottom for precise installation
  • Suitable for ambient and coolers/chiller applications
  • Easy to Install
  • Permanent stick adhesive

Are you looking to buy 3″ x 3″ Red Background with Yellow Fonts Flue Space Labels in large quantities? We offer significant discounts for orders over 10,000 flue space labels.

Depending on the number of labels ordered, it may take up to 5 business days for us to produce your labels. If you need your flue space labels in a shorter time? We offer expedited service for an additional cost.

For your job to qualify for NEXT DAY print, your order must be paid and approved by 9:00 AM of the order date.