What is your turn around time?

FLue Space Labels Turnaround time for flue labels

Our turn around time varies depending on the number of labels you need for your project. We usually keep flue space labels in stock and ready to ship. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for the 3″ x 3″ and 6″ x 2″ labels, it is hard for us to keep our stocks full. But we try our best!

If we are short on flue space labels, or your project requires larger quantities? We will meet your demand with a quick turnaround production time.

Our Turnaround time refers solely to production time, Once production is complete it may take, one business day for orders to be packaged ship or delivered.

Note: Turnaround time starts from the time, the order is “approved”. If a job has revised invoicing or quantities? it is placed on hold. If on hold, the turn around starts from the time approval is given and we have all of your paperwork signed.

Flue Space Labels Turnaround time for printing