What Color Flue Space Labels are acceptable?

As described by the OCFA (Orange County Fire Authority) and other jurisdictions in Southern California. Your High Pile Storage plan requirements, may call for a “VISIBLE” 3″x3″ or 6″x2″ Flue Space Label that reads “KEEP CLEAR.” the flue label size may vary depending on your commodity and HPS requirements. In some cases, a 1.5″x3″ flue space label is needed.

The standard color for flue space labels is “Yellow background with Red Font-type.”

But! That is not always the case. While the “Yellow Background on Red Font-type” might look good on standard orange, blue, green, or dark custom painted load beams. The standard “Yellow Background labels might not work on “Yellow or White (custom painted) load beams.

In that case, we advise that you use “RED BACKGROUND WITH YELLOW FONT-TYPE” which is also acceptable by most Fire Authorities in Southern California.